Lumb Bank

Lumb Bank is a private site on Colden Water that has the potential for a great scheme. With a significant head and good flow, the scheme could be capable of producing over 20kW consistently. The area around Lumb Bank is typical of the upper Calder Valley - steep sides and fast flashy rivers, with of course old mill remains all around.

Now that we have Low Flows, I'm aiming to produce flow information and flow duration curves for each of the sites.

In numbers, the flow looks like this:

Period              Ntrl Qmean (m³/s)      Ntrl Q95 (m³/s)          

Annl                 0.336                          0.0380

Jan                  0.527                          0.0853

Feb                 0.404                          0.0745

Mar                 0.415                          0.0720

Apr                  0.288                          0.0538

May                 0.179                          0.0380

Jun                  0.122                          0.0271

Jul                   0.161                          0.0321

Aug                 0.246                          0.0289

Sep                 0.257                          0.0326

Oct                  0.391                          0.0430

Nov                 0.467                          0.0661

Dec                 0.574                          0.0971

The flow duration curve looks like this:

Flow duration curve for Colden Water at Lumb Bank



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