Feasibility studies

A pre feasibility study will provide an early indication of the viability of the site. It will include a site visit to get an understanding of the site layout and will establish whether it is suitable, with clear permission of the owners of the land, establish the head and flow and that there is a suitable access point for connection to the National Grid or place of use.

It will then be able to give an initial indication of the annual energy output and will provide enough information to be able to make the decision as to whether to proceed with the scheme.

For smaller schemes, this may be enough information for the installation to go ahead but larger more complex schemes will need a full feasibility study.

A full feasibility study will comprise

• a hydrological survey which will produce a flow duration chart using information gathered from rainfall records, local landscape knowledge and flow measurements. It will also look at the possible compensation flow (the amount of water that needs to be left in the river, after taking a supply for the turbine).

• a design of the full system including plans of the site, the civil works necessary for the whole installation, the type of generating equipment to be installed, information on grid connection, full costings, estimates of energy outputs and potential revenue - £/year.

It may also include an environmental assessment

The cost of a pre feasibility study will usually range from a few hundred pounds to a few thousand.

Larger more complex schemes will need a full feasibility study which can cost £5000 - £10,000 (depending on what activities are included).

Power from the Landscape is able to help with early feasibility studies for sites in the South Pennine area. Contact Pete Hill at Power from the Landscape for more information.

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