Researching the history of your mill site

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It can be very useful, when starting to think about developing a microhydro installation at your mill site, to explore the history of the site. This exercise can produce information on what power was being produced, where the water management system was and how it worked.

At one site that we have been working on, this research enabled the energy output of the site to be increased from 5 Kw to 20 Kw when an old site map showed a hidden tunnel from a different water source.

Apart from anything else, it can be fascinating - and addictive! For more information on mills in the Upper Calder Valley please see the Power in the Landscape website.

1. Introduction

2. The uses of water power – a quick overview

3. Early English Water Mills

4. Water Mills in the South Pennines

5. Water and Steam Power

6. Field work

7. Exploring further: where to go and what to look for

8. Useful research websites and books

9. Glossary

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