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    New EA guidelines for hydropower - January 2014

    The EA has released the new hydropower guidelines for low and high head systems - here's the text from them:

    We received many comments on the options that we presented in the consultation and have taken these into account in our review of the guidance. We have also considered the feedback to our earlier hydropower consultation in 2011.

     We have now completed our review and have produced revised hydropower guidance for England which is available on our website here. Revised hydropower guidance for Wales is being prepared by Natural Resources Wales and will be published on  their website shortly.

     This guidance is important for anyone developing or designing a run-of-river hydropower scheme in England and will inform our pre-application advice for new hydropower developments. Permit applications for hydropower developments which we receive and accept as valid from 1 April 2014 will be determined on the basis of this guidance. 

    Please feel free to circulate this information to any groups or individuals you know who may have an interest in our hydropower work.

    Do you have any enquiries?

    Further enquiries should be directed to hydropowerGPG@environment-agency.gov.uk 


    Hydropower Project Team


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